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We would love to add you to our program! Here's how it works... It starts with our class Professionally Presented Properties so you can learn about how staging will help you and your clients and what you can expect from us.

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Professionally Presented Properties Course

Every wonder how to get your sellers to understand the importance of getting their home in marketable condition?  Why some agents seem to get great listings and yours are, well, not great?  Great listings don't just happen they are created, through the process of staging.  We have been in business since 2004 and understand that it is not always easy to have some of those conversations.  

We have created this course to help you get your sellers on board so they can hit the market in the best condition possible, increasing their chances at a quick and profitable sale.  

We will share information on how our business works, how staging works and how it will all works together.  Letting you be the super hero with all the answers.

Schedule a class for yourself, your team or your whole office.  Course is $295 and you will receive a gift for a consultation with completion of course, a $295 value. 



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