Organizing Kids

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

While kids add excitement and life into our households, they also create clutter issues and additional storage and organizational dilemmas.  And although every house has their own unique concerns, this month we will address school papers and sports equipment specifically.

The first step to raising organized children is to realize that you, as their parents, are their first teacher and role model.  What they see you do, and how you live, is what they will mimic.  With a few tips at hand and a goal in sight, the process can begin.

1.  Start by assessing the trouble area.  Is it paper overload from school or sports equipment that cannot be found before the big game?

2.  Assign one home for anything related to school.  This would be the backpack.  After the day’s paperwork has been removed and reviewed and homework is complete, place everything needed for tomorrow’s day back into the backpack.  Place it next to whatever door your child will be walking out of the next morning.

3.  Assign one home for anything related to the particular sport.  For our family, this is soccer.  In the “soccer bag” cleats, shin guards, socks, ball and water bottle are all housed here permanently.  The bag, although slightly heavy, has everything needed for practice and games; thus avoiding any last minute, frantic searches for necessary items.

4.  When time and patience are in short supply, having this process in place helps eliminate meltdowns and screaming matches.  By involving your child in implementing a process, you are not only teaching a valuable life lesson, but giving the gift of organization.


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