Why You Shouldn’t Set The Table When You List Your Home

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2019

So why shouldn’t you set the table when you list your home?  Let’s start with the purpose of staging:  to increase the perceived value of your home, getting you the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.  Staging is marketing and creating the perfect home for the buyer through packaging.  Not unlike any other product going on the market, homes should be packaged for a specific buyer. 

So what do I mean by packaged?  Well, depending on who your target market is it could mean a deep clean, pre-packing to remove extra items or changing furniture placement to highlight all the rooms and create spaces your buyer is looking for. 

However, if the target is completely different from the current owner, it could mean updating and adding current art, decor and possibly furnishings.  But, ultimately a staged house should look and feel like the buyer’s home, not like a staged house.  The goal is NOT to look staged, but to have the house look its best allowing buyers to see the house rather than the life of someone else.

When getting ready to place your home on the market, you will need to do an analysis to determine who your potential buyer is and what demographic group will be interested in your home.  This is important because you need to create a staging design to meet their needs — this is not about you, the seller, it is about the buyer.  You will need to make any repairs or updates that are needed to meet the needs of your buyer group and stage your home with the style and layout that they are looking for.   

So when you list, don’t set the table.  Setting the table triggers the thought that the home is staged and from then on, anyone touring the home will view it differently.  Instead, make sure you are focused on creating an amazing product, packaged to show it’s best light and attract the right buyer.   Make the repairs, do the updates and stage your house for the buyers.  Remember it’s not about you and what you like, but what the buyer is looking for.

Don’t know who your buyer is, or how to create the best product for them?  Call a professional stager to walk you through the process or even do it for you!  This is one investment that pays off. 


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