Staging Protects The Equity In Your Home

The largest investment most of us have, is our home. When it comes time to sell we need to get the most we can out of it. It could be the difference between being able to make the move to a bigger home or being able to move at all. Regardless, no one wants to just give their home away; we want and need to make a profit! So how do we protect the equity in our home? By staging and updating a home prior to putting it on the market. The answer may have surprised you as many people don’t understand what Staging involves or that it increases the value of a home, both perceived (what a buyer thinks it is worth) and actual.

When a buyer makes an offer to purchase a home, they have the home inspected to make sure the home is in good shape and that they are making a good financial decision, the home inspection protects their investment. Like a home inspection for buyers, staging protects the seller’s investment by making sure the home will sell quickly and for its proper value....

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