Our Advice is Always Based on Your Return On Investment (ROI) and Will Undoubtedly Increase the Profit Margin in Your Home and Shorten the Time on Market.

Buyer Expectations Have changed!

This is the most important thing you need to know when you list your home. If you are old enough to remember the days when it was all about Location, Location, Location, then you really need to pay attention, because that is NOT the case anymore.

Learn How to Sell Your Home in Today's Market.

How do you know what to do to meet buyer's needs when you don’t know who is going to buy your home?  Easy, you hire a professional staging company to do an analysis of your home and determine who your buyer (demographic) is and what their wants and needs are.  A professional stager (trained and experienced) can save you thousands of dollars in money spent incorrectly, in carrying cost, price reductions and low offers. 

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Staging Is Marketing...Or Packaging The Product!

Think about any product going on the market, whether it is kids cereal with cartons on the box or a sports car with a model in a bikini standing next to is packaged to grab the attention of the intended buyer.  Selling a home is no different, we NEED to package it with the intended buyer in mind. 

The Professional Stagers at SOS figure out who your buyer is, by looking at things like price of home, area, number of bedrooms and so forth to determine who would be interested in your home.  From that information we create a specific design plan to get you the best price for your home in the shortest amount of time.  

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Staging Highlights the Positive Attributes of Your Home, Creates an Emotional Connection With Buyers and Makes Your Home Standout Above Your Competition.

4 Key Points to Sell Homes Quickly:

  1. Price Accurately
  2. Package and Stage for the Correct Demographic
  3. Professional Photographs
  4. Market Strongly

Seller Seminar 

Thinking about selling your home soon?  Wonder what all you should do prior to listing?  Join us at one of our seller seminars and we will walk you through the process of selling a home in today's market.  Learn what is important to take care of, what is a deal breaker and how you can standout in the market and get noticed.  

Class fee is $50 




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