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Whether the Home is Occupied or Vacant, Our Trained, Certified, Real Estate Staging Professionals Will Identify the Best Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out and Sell Quickly.


Vacant Staging Proposals

One of our Real Estate Staging Professionals can create a staging proposal for you from photos and some information you share with us. Once you sign off on the proposal, we will schedule a time to view the home in person and create a custom design plan.

Vacant Staging

Great listings don't just happen, they are created by SOS!  

Our experts have the experience and training to know what today’s buyers are looking for and the ability to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that will allow them to connect.

We design your staging package specifically for your home while keeping your buyer in mind.  Staging is about creating the look and feel to attract the right  buyer. 

Staging is MARKETING, packaging the product.  Just putting any piece of furniture in a room is not staging and can cost you thousands of dollars!  

Don't take a chance, work with a professional to make your home a show stopper and get it sold for what it is worth. 



Our Staging Process and What Sets Us Apart

We've learned a few thing in 16 years and use that hard-won knowledge to make our process easy, efficient, stress-free and SUCCESSFUL!

Our process starts with the proposal, typically done via phone call and photos.  Once we have all the paperwork and payment, we schedule your staging date and a day to view your property in person to start the design process.  

All stages are designed for the house and buyer (sorry seller), with a 10,000 square foot warehouse full of everything we could possibly need -- We don't have to do the 'one size fits all' approach. 

With our team of stagers, painters, movers and assistants we are able to get your home staged quickly.  We typically can get you from proposal to staged in a matter of 5 to 10 business days.  

Email To Schedule Your Proposal Today

Occupied Staging Starts With a Consultation

We start all occupied jobs with a consultation – a very detailed, comprehensive, room by room plan of all things that need to be done to reach your target market. We will cover all items to be removed (pre-packed), any re-arrangement of furniture, art and accessories. As well as anything that needs to be added, along with any updates or repairs that may be needed.  This comprehensive plan can then either be followed by you or used by our team to get your job done.

We have 3 Consultation options to choose from:

The Basic Consult - $295
With this option, our experts will examine your home's needs while you  take the notes.

The Consultation and Report - $395
With this option, you will receive a Written Report and access to your stager for questions while you are working on your list. This is a DIY Staging Report that you can follow and get your home ready for market on your own, or of course, you can alway hire us to do the list for you!  

The Consultation and Photo Prep - $550
This option includes everything in the Consultation and Report service along with a Return Visit of up to one hour to do a Photo Prep and make sure you are ready for your photos!

Photo Prep Service 

Sometimes all our clients need is a little help with the fine details and our Photo Prep service is just that.  We will come back in after you have done your list of homework and right before photos to take care of the angles of the furniture and exact placement, hang art if need be, place accessories and just tweak what you have in place.  This service is great for the DIYer who can handle the big picture stuff but maybe needs a little help with the details.  

Our Photo Prep Service starts at $250

Occupied Staging

Our professional stagers are trained to turn an occupied home into a buyer's dream.  We do everything from re-arranging the existing pieces to bringing in rental items from our warehouse.  If decorating is not your strongest area, consider hiring SOS to come in and do the physical staging using your things, purchased items or rentals.  When it makes such a difference in how quickly a home sells, don't leave it to chance,  we are here to help.  

Occupied packages start at $495

Shop Our Style

Our furniture and home decor retail store is available for anyone looking to spruce up their home!  All of our furniture is available to take home at the time of purchase and of course, you can order through us as well.  If you need some assistance bringing your vision to life, just ask an associate and we'll help you make it happen!


Contact Us!

Professional Photography

Our photographer is affordable and takes amazing pictures of the home with a wide angle lens, external flash and edits the pictures so you have a bright, crisp, emotionally inspiring set of marketing photos to get buyers in the door.

Photography packages start at $150.

Pre Listing Services

( Updates and Painting )

Often before homes go on the market they need a little TLC to get ready for their big day!  Homes with wallpaper, strong paint colors, worn/dated flooring or dirty walls need to be updated and refreshed.  We do the majority of this work with our team of professionals so you don't have to worry about all the details.  

Design Services 

We can help you with all your interior decorating or redesign projects.  Whether it's a single room or a whole house makeover, we will help define your vision and bring it to life.  Our design services start with a design consultation where we will discuss all your wants and needs and create an action plan.  

Consultations are $295.

Design Packages Start at $1500 to Create and Install Your Design Plan.

Estate Services 

We can help you line up an estate sale, clear the house after the sale, take care of any minor updates needed,  then stage the house and take those amazing MLS photos that will drive the buyers through the door. 

Live out of the area? We can even manage the entire project for you.

Consultations are $295  

Hands-on Help Starting at $1500

Partnered Trades

We Have Vetted and Certified Trades That We Work With on a Regular Basis That Can Take Care of Your Major Updates and Repairs.

Partnered Agents

Need an Agent?  Check Out Our List of Preferred Partners Who Have Taken Our Education Course.

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