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General Questions

What are your hours?

We are open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

We are closed on Sunday & Monday

What is your address?

2376 Washington Road, Washington, IL 61571

What services do you provide?

We provide:  home staging, estate sales, interior design, downsizing, and real estate.

Estate & Store Questions

How does the estate process work?

We will meet you at the property to view the estate, come up with customized pricing, and then make a plan. 

Our crew will pack up and move all of the sellable items to our warehouse to be processed and sold for you.  Any items that cannot be sold are either donated or hauled away. 

Your items get a full 30 days to sell in our store and there is a 50/50 split.  After 30 days, we will donate any unsold items to local charities or directly to families in need and give you the donation slips.

Do you buy items?

No, we do not buy anything from our clients to resell.  All of our inventory is from full estates.

Do you take donations?

No, we do not take donations.

Do you take items on consignment?

No, we do not take items on consignment.

Is your inventory from leftover estate sales?

No, we host full estate sales in our storefront and do not purchase anything from other estates to resell.

What happens to my items if they don't sell?

We will donate any unsold items to local charities or directly to families in need and give you the donation slips.

Is there anything you won't take to sell?

We are not able to take mattresses, boxsprings, chemicals/cleaning products, landscaping/building materials, broken or damaged items, appliances, exercise equipment, window treatments, garbage. 


All of these items would fall under our Junk Haul service which is lined up through a third party company.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, we are a brick and mortar business and are required to charge sales tax.

Do you take returns?

No, we do not take returns.  Given the nature of our business, all sales are final.

Staging Questions

How much does staging cost?

Staging pricing is based on quantity of rooms and price point of the home.  

How long can my property be staged?

The property can be staged for any length of time.  The initial staging package will include one month of rental and any month following is 30% of the initial cost.

Can I pick what goes into my property?

No, inventory selection is up to our discretion.  All of our stagers are certified and are experts at picking items that are appropriate for each property.

If I'm still living in my house while it's on the market, can you stage the house using my stuff?

Yes, this is what we would call "Occupied Staging."  We will work with the items you have to create the optimal experience for potential buyers.  

If additional items are needed like art, decor, or a few pieces of furniture, we can rent those to complete the look if needed.

When should I stage my house?

Staging should happen before the home goes on the market.  You only get one first impression, so let's make is a great one.

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